ChatBlazer offers a very powerful software packaged in an easy to use interface for both end users, hosts, moderators and administrators.

It is very easy to change the look and feel of the chat interface or to implement single sign-on for an existing website. In addition, ChatBlazer supports inter-operability between mobile devices and desktop computers.

ChatBlazer's server technology has been honed and refined for more than ten years.

ChatBlazer has powered the real time chat of community sites with millions of users. Our server technology is proprietary and this gives us the strategic ability to cater to all of our customers' unique demands and requirements.

ChatBlazer's transparent pricing makes it affordable for small and large businesses alike.

With our cloud-based pricing approach, a chat customer can increase or decrease his or her chat room capacity based on actual demands.

In today's world, where companies come and go, you can be assured that ChatBlazer will always be here for you. Since 2001, ChatBlazer has powered real time chat for many Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and institutions worldwide.

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