ChatBlazer X is the latest version of ChatBlazer, the leading chat software in the world. ChatBlazer X supports all iOS and Android mobile devices. In addition, ChatBlazer X allows for inter-operability between its mobile client and its full-featured Flash chat client. This provides maximum accessibility for all users. When designing the mobile client, the team engaged with customers to create a simple, easy to use and very reliable mobile chat client. With ChatBlazer X, anyone on any mobile devices, desktops or tablets can start to chat with one another.

A variety of businesses, including universities, ERP vendors, dating websites, governments, lawyers, enterprises, chat event organizations and others are running ChatBlazer software.

Pendulab offers a 24 by 7, Monday to Sunday, priority support service to our customers to ensure issues are resolved as quickly as possible. Server license customers also have the option of enrolling in our Maintenance and Support plan. (see below)

Server license customers are entitled to Maintenance and Support free for the first year. Server license customers have the option of enrolling in our Maintenance and Support (M&S;) plan for an annual fee of 20% of their server license cost from the second year onwards. This annually recurring plan offers priority support, a direct Skype line to our development team, free minor version upgrades and patches, and a discount off of any future major version upgrades. Keep in mind that without the M&S; plan, server licenses will not receive patches and upgrades or priority support.

When you purchase a hosted plan, you will receive a fulfilment email providing login details to our server, which will give you access to all the tools you need to implement and manage the ChatBlazer software. Once logged into our server, you will have access to the Code Generator which will provide the necessary code which you can simply copy and paste into your website to get started. Other management tools that are accessible include the Administrator Module, Client Configuration File, Chat Logs, and Chat Hosting User Guide.

Server license customers will receive the software in a downloadable format (.zip or .exe), that can be installed on their own server. Documentation is included within the download and our support team is available to help with the initial installation.

Yes, you can switch off the Video capability and simply offer Audio in your chat rooms.

Yes, it does in the Flash client. The Audio-Video module comes free. The mobile client does not support Audio-Video at the moment.

Upgrading is easy. ChatBlazer cloud-based pricing model allows you to simply pay the difference in plan price and setup (if applicable) from your current service to the plan you wish to move up to. Hosted accounts are upgraded on our end without any code changes for the customer while server license customers will simply have to replace a file or two. There is no need to reinstall the software or redo any integration work previously done. In either case, the process is quick and easy for the customer.

A great alternative to the chat room style of ChatBlazer is 321Chat

ChatBlazer X can be used for a multitude of applications so it is important to have multiple features included in the software from the start. A few key features include:

  • Inter-operability between Flash and Mobile client for maximum accessibility
  • Multiple, floating chat windows for ease of use
  • Easy Share File Library
  • Moderated chat
  • Secure, encrypted chat
  • Customizable interface
  • Expanded user features
  • Advanced administration and management
  • Very comprehensive server-side integration tools. Comes with programming interfaces.

See Features page for more detail.

You can customize any number of chat room elements for hosted plans and server licenses, including:

  • Enable/Disable virtually any button on the chat client
  • Add/Remove emoticons, avatars, audio files
  • Add/Remove chat room wallpaper and skins
  • Administer/Manage room and user setup to your specifications

Server license users will have full access to all skin and language files for ChatBlazer, whereas hosting accounts are limited in those areas. Contact Sales for more detail.

ChatBlazer X and Chat Hosting allows an unlimited number of rooms to be created.

The total number of concurrent users in the chat is set by the plan you purchase. Once the limit is reached, additional users will not be allowed to login. However, each room can be setup to restrict a specific number, or type, of users for complete administrative control.

Yes, access to rooms can be assigned to user groups and be granularly broken down by user-specific room assignments. Rooms can also be restricted in a few different ways including password entry, private (invisible) listing, user type, or even using the room scheduler.

Yes, users can be assigned roles that apply to the entire chat or specific chat rooms.

The Audio-Video component can be fully customized to throttle the image and sound quality to be streamed, from the image size, picture quality, frame rate, to the audio quality. Each room can also have its own Video permission settings. Please note that audio-video is not available for the mobile client at this moment.

Yes, you can create an intuitive interface that can be used by your customers. Your customer support representatives will make use of the administrator module to selectively chat with multiple customers, each in their own chat window.

Yes, ChatBlazer has a very powerful moderator module. It supports “raise hands” feature as well as many other moderator related functionalities. For example, you can setup a complete moderated environment with one or multiple Guest Speakers or Celebrities, one or multiple Moderators and, of course, your general participants. A Moderator can also edit incoming chat messages before forwarding the approved questions to the Guest Speaker for reply. ChatBlazer moderator has powered many well-managed moderated chat events for many years for thousands of businesses.

Yes, you can embed ChatBlazer and ChatBlazer Video into your web page. In fact, you can create several different chat sites and embed the flash chat software on as many domains as you like. Each license is for a single domain but additional domain/site licenses can be purchased. Contact Sales for more information.

Yes, ChatBlazer allows the chat client to communicate with the chat server if the clients are behind any firewalls.

Yes, you can transform the ChatBlazer server process to a Windows NT or Windows 2000 service with the click of a button. The Windows NT or 2000 service-enabler application is available out of the box for ChatBlazer customers

ChatBlazer's superior server architecture uses an average of three percent of the CPU’s resources. Exact figures depend on the operating system, current system processes, and machine configurations but the ChatBlazer client typically runs comfortably at 0 to 5% CPU utilization without heavy user interface resizing.

Yes, the ChatBlazer client can run on any platform as long as Flash Player 8 or higher is installed on the browser being used. For server licenses, Java 1.5 or later is required to be installed on the server.

It's very easy to install ChatBlazer software. For Windows server, we have an auto install that provides a wizard interface to facilitate the installation. For Linux users, we provide the files in a zip file. Customers just need to unzip the file to a directory and do a command line startup to get your entire chat application started. Customers can also request a free installation of your chat software.

Yes, as long as you have a telnet or SSH access to your server. If you are not sure, please consult your hosting provider's support personnel.

Room limits are set by the plan or license’s concurrent user limit or settings provided in the Administrative Console. For unlimited server licenses, the exact number of concurrent connections depends on several factors, such as the operating system, Java machine, third-party software, network bandwidth, Chat architecture, and management of the server. Our internal load testing has shown that 10,000 concurrent users can be supported comfortably by a modern day dual-core server machine

Yes, ChatBlazer allows you to set up unique room lists on one or more websites/domain names with a single server license. Each license is for a single domain but additional domain/site licenses can be purchased. This saves you the cost of having to purchase multiple chat servers and/or licenses. Contact Sales for more information.

Yes, ChatBlazer allows you to restrict users based on their IP address.

Yes, ChatBlazer includes a direct access feature that lets you set the username and room name directly so that users can access chat without having to type their username again.

Yes, it can be configured to work on port 80.

The server load and bandwidth usage is heavier for Video than text, since the machine runs both the ChatBlazer server program and a compatible Video streaming server (e.g. Adobe FMS, Red 5, Wowza). To improve load handling, we recommend running the Video streaming server on a separate machine.

Yes, if you have a server license then Chatblazer Video needs Flash Media Server, Wowza or Red5 to run the Video streams. If you are on a hosted account, then nothing is need as the software is run completely off of our equipment.

No. All modules come free with any ChatBlazer Enterprise purchase.

Yes, you can query and update data for your members to your existing database. You can also choose to store chat logs into the database.

Yes, you will continue to enjoy all newly developed modules at no additional charge as long as you are under our Maintenance and Support plan.