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May 12, 2017

The latest ChatBlazer Enterprise version is officially out of the oven! Boasting of more than 10 major changes and features, this latest iteration of the popular version XI, further propels ChatBlazer as the trusted and de-facto chat software solution for many companies. ChatBlazer has been faithfully serving thousands of businesses and companies’ chat requirements since 2001! With an established track record, it is no wonder many customers are choosing ChatBlazer for their chat solutions now and, most importantly, for the future.

December 14, 2016

Mention “ChatBlazer”, and many large corporations would have heard of us. ChatBlazer Enterprise has faithfully powered the chat requirements for all large and small businesses globally since the year 2001. We have stood the test of time, while many of our competitors had shut down leaving their own customers stranded. The whole ChatBlazer team is proud to be the cohesive empowering force which makes ChatBlazer the world most renowned chat software for the most demanding businesses!
When a customer chooses ChatBlazer, they choose a company who will be with them for life.

August 22, 2016

Ensuring economic prosperity for all nations is an important responsibility of the World Trade Organization. When it comes to choosing a real time chat platform, it is even more important to ensure communication is secure and having 100% uptime. Having being a ChatBlazer customer since 2013, the WTO has continued to run ChatBlazer to power its chat requirements. No other competitors were able to meet the high standards set out by the WTO.

Nov 23, 2015

When it comes to quality, nothing but the best will do for one of Europe’s largest finance group of companies, the Generali Group (Austria). The Generali Group (Austria) will be using the new ChatBlazer XI to power the real time chat for its internal users. The Generali Group’s team is also very happy with the responsive team at ChatBlazer. A combination of technical superiority and passionate customer experience make ChatBlazer the marquee chat solution provider.

15 Oct 2015

“The new ChatBlazer XI was released to much great anticipation among existing ChatBlazer customers! All of the customers were highly impressed with the new XI version. The new ChatBlazer XI offers full HTML support which in turn provides full mobile and desktop support. With ChatBlazer XI Smart UI Adaption feature, viewing the chat interface in a user-friendly format on any device is now possible. In addition, ChatBlazer XI boasts of much more improved server stability, more comprehensive chat and server management. Equally important, ChatBlazer XI also offers customers the full control over the look and feel. The new ChatBlazer XI wows everyone and continues to fortify ChatBlazer as the leading chat software used by the world’s most demanding organization and businesses!”

Aug 20, 2015

“We have worked with the ChatBlazer support team over the last couple of months. I am pleased to say that the ChatBlazer team has been very responsive to our support requests and demands. Most of the requests were replied to or resolved within a day or two. The level of technical competency is also high and I am fully assured that ChatBlazer provides a very high level of customer service experience to our company.”
- Ali Tokmen, VP Information Technology

May 4, 2015

Honeywell International Inc. (NYSE: HON) has chosen ChatBlazer X to power its critical real time chat and global collaboration platform after contending with a few other competitors in this space. For Honeywell, the requirements for the chat system were extremely stringent and demanding. After several months of intensive trial and research, the Honeywell team chose ChatBlazer. This is testament to the strength of the ChatBlazer product, the de-factor choice for real time chat and collaboration software for the most demanding enterprises. The ChatBlazer team is proud to work alongside the Honeywell team to deploy ChatBlazer successfully!

Feb 9, 2015

PokerStars stays with ChatBlazer to power its second year of chat service for her members on the world’s most popular poker site. The PokerStars team is impressed with the superior technology and operational uptime of ChatBlazer software which allows it to meet the demanding chat usages of its members. For the PokerStars team who is used to a very strict culture of security and risk management, choosing ChatBlazer is the only option.

December 15, 2014

The world's second largest re-insurance company, Swiss Reinsurance, selects ChatBlazer X Mobile to empower its real time chat for its mobile workforce. As a world leading financial institution, the requirements for a chat software were exceptionally stringent. After undergoing months of stringent tests with various competing products, ChatBlazer X emerged as the winner and has been successfully deployed throughout the corporation.

September 11, 2014

ChatBlazer has been on the steam roller this year with another addition of a marquee educational institution. University of California Riverside selects ChatBlazer to power its online chat network due to its ease of use and great passionate support given by the ChatBlazer team. The ChatBlazer team has always been 101% committed to support for our North America customers since 2001. For ChatBlazer, we always hear and we always act.

August 28, 2014

Leading legal, tax and business information provider with 60,000 employees worldwide, selects ChatBlazer as the de-facto choice for their enterprise chat software. When it comes to meeting the extremely stringent requirements demanded by the world’s best companies, only one software fills the gap – ChatBlazer.

February 18, 2014

The world’s largest online poker site, PokerStars, selects the new ChatBlazer X to power its mission critical and high-availability real time chat service. After a lengthy and stringent test phase, the PokerStars team selected ChatBlazer X over the others. Pendulab is proud to power the online chat service for PokerStars. ChatBlazer X continues to fortify its reputation as the most robust and reliable chat software in the industry.

February 11, 2014

Pendulab is proud to announce the launch of ChatBlazer X today! ChatBlazer X supports most mobile phones and tablet devices. ChatBlazer X was designed with various inputs from existing customers with a very diversified set of requirements. Many of our customers felt stability and reliability were the most important criteria and ChatBlazer X is proud to embody these stringent requirements. Ground-breaking changes were also made to the server to accommodate for future growth.

October 28, 2013

Continuing ChatBlazer's market leading position in the finance industry, The Generali Group (Austria) today selects ChatBlazer to power its real time chat events for its internal users. The Generali Group is one of Europe's largest insurance and finance group of companies. Generali Gruppe Österreich ranks number 3 in Austria and is market leader in the Motor market. The Group sells its products to its 4 million clients through tied agents, brokers, financial advisors and bancassurance. The Generali Group trades on the Borsa Italiana (Italy's stock exchange).

October 9, 2013

ChatBlazer is proud to empower its latest customer, Noanet Trader, requirement for a high availability and mission-critical chat software. This latest trading site customer acquisition serves to fortify ChatBlazer as the de-facto choice for companies in the Finance industry comprising of trading sites, investment firms, etc. ChatBlazer counts customers like Julius Bar Swiss Private Bank and the Government Investment Corporation of Singapore as some of its revered customers.

September 3, 2013

The new ChatBlazer website was launched today in keeping up with the demands of our customers. The new website promises to be easier to use and navigate. In addition, the ChatBlazer product has been streamlined to offer a simple pricing model under a Cloud-based pay as you use approach. ChatBlazer customers would be glad to know also that all modules now come free with any ChatBlazer Enterprise purchase.

May 1, 2013

Pendulab is proud to announce our 10,000th customer for the ChatBlazer product. This marks a momentous milestone in ChatBlazer luminary journey as the leading chat software in the world. With ChatBlazer, our customers are assured of our continuity and strong commitment to enhancing real time chat technology.