ChatBlazer Testimonials


TopstepTrader would recommend ChatBlazer. The ability to be able to customize the software to work best for us was an invaluable feature. And as our business continues to change and grow we've been able to implement new changes seamlessly. The program works well, is easy to use and navigate and provides a tremendous benefit to our company.

Amazing Support

Hello Nate,
i have received my login info the very first day i applied for the trial. I must tell you that the people using the chat really like it and so do i.

One of the most important things support i did find brilliant. Every question was answered promptly by Nicky Bay, member of your support team, and to the point.

Even a small "bug" that was reported after testing the chat was fixed on the next day i believe. So i must say this is one of the best supports i have seen using some some chat platforms over the the past 3 years.

Themistocles Mountzouris
IT Project manager - Information Systems Analyst

What are your favorite Chat Blazer features?

What are your favorite Chat Blazer features?
"My favorite Chat Blazer features are the ones that don't exist yet. Chat Blazer has worked with Community Connect Inc. to build a tailored chat experience that is different than any other out-of-the-box app. Our members come to our communities to have experiences they can't have on other sites. Chat Blazers customizable platform means we can yet again make our members happy."

Ralph Bishop, Associate Product Director
Community Connect Inc.

ChatBlazer is totally turn key!

"We couldn't ask for a better chat solution. ChatBlazer is totally turn key! We were able to easily customize it to the look and feel of our own site. Plug-ins and the ability to add avatars are a wonderful bonus too."

John Morrone, General Manager

Tell me why you choose Chat Blazer?

"We chose Chat Blazer because it is rich in functionality and easily modifiable for branding and marketing purposes. We were also impressed with its high-quality multimedia capabilities. It's a very cool product, and we continue to discover new ways to make adjustments and adapt Chat Blazer to specific needs."

Reed Holmes, Web Producer

It's in a league of it's own...

"ChatBlazer is the most superior chat; in fact it's much more than chat software, it's in a league of it's own supported by the most knowledgable support team. There is nothing out there that comes close to what you guys have. Thanks again for having such a great product and brilliant support."

Lia Mason, CEO

The only software that could handle our needs...

"After extensive chat room software research, we chose ChatBlazer. is a one-of-a-kind website that requires integration between its website, message board, and chat room. We found ChatBlazer to be the only software that could handle our needs which requires high quality, many-to-many audio chat rooms tied into a website and message board. Our visitors have remarked on how user-friendly the chat room is and we see a great future ahead. Thanks to everyone at ChatBlazer."

The Team at MachCobra

How has Chat Blazer changed the way you operate your business?

"Chat Blazer has given us a new, interactive way to communicate with our customers and visitors. Our Customer Service Department is using Chat Blazer to answer questions and provide assistance. Our editorial department has used Chat Blazer as a means to broadcast a live, interactive radio show. Chat Blazer is also used extensively as an inter-office communication tool. It has been especially helpful for people like me who work remotely. I live in Nova Scotia, Canada and our office is in Las Vegas. As a manager, I use Chat Blazer daily to communicate and lead my team.

Reed Holmes, Web Producer

The perfect solution..

"CB makes it so much easier to run a chat site like mine, where we want people to have a place to go where they feel safe thanks to its excellent security features, and an easy to use administration panel that makes life a lot easier for my staff. After two years of shopping around and trying numerous different chat clients both Flash & Java, I've finally found the perfect solution. As well as a great fully customizable chat client that is forever being improved, ChatBlazer's customer service surpasses any other I've known past & present.