ChatBlazer Pricing Pay As You Use

ChatBlazer pricing model aims to be simple for our customers to understand and yet offers cost-savings through a cloud-based approach. For customers choosing the Chat Hosting package, upgrading will simply be paying the difference between each user tier. In addition, there is no need to reinstall the software or re-do any integration during an upgrade. ChatBlazer cloud-based pricing offers a simple upgrade process and a cost-effective model for our customers.

Our pricing model has been greatly simplified in conjunction with ChatBlazer XI. No tiers, no plans, just select the number of users you want and you're done!

All chat hosting purchases come with a 30-day money back guarantee. No questions asked.


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User means a connection to the ChatBlazer server. 100 Users means a maximum of 100 concurrent connections.

How many AV sessions can be streamed by your users? For example, if you select 100 Users and 40 AV sessions, 40 of your users can stream AV. It does not mean you have 100 + 40 AV concurrent users.

Monthly Cost

All prices are based on a monthly basis. All modules included at no additional charge.

Need more than 1000 users? Contact Sales to request a quote.


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