Highly Customizable User Interaface

Multiple configurations to same client - Create different... more info

White Board

Usage stats - See user totals and averages to gauge use... more info


Versatile widgets allow the addition of multiple features such... more info


Packaged sets of avatars selectable by user preference... more info

Admin Consoles

Room monitoring - Monitor and open/close rooms... more info

User and Room Groups

User and room groups - Assign users and rooms into... more info


Switch from text to pen input where a user can use own... more info

File Library

Users can upload and download files to the file library in the... more info

Rotating Banner

Customizable banners on the user interface that allow... more info


Emoticons - Packaged sets of emoticons selectable in chat... more info


Moderation - Moderate communication in the chat room... more info

Video Chat Software

Allow users to use video and audio in the chat room to... more info