Allow users to use video and audio in the chat room to enhance their chat experiences or to conduct real time audio video conferencing.

Raise hand feature/Pass the mic - In conjunction with the Moderation feature, rooms can be set to allow users to raise their hand to talk and/or manually pass the mic so communication is orderly. Excellent for group discussions for simple Audio or Video moderation. Video can be disabled as well if the business owner only wishes to offer Audio only.

Floating Video windows - Detach a user's Video stream from the chat room and float it anywhere you wish.

Audio Video separation (on/off) - Users can turn their video and/or audio on or off at their discretion due to separate video and audio streams.

One to One, Many to Many, One to Many Broadcast - Video chat allows multiple types of user interaction within the chat room, including 1 to 1, many to many, and broadcast video chat.